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Follow Dr. Gary L. McIntosh’s writing each month and keep fresh with insights and ideas on church growth and health.  Subscribe today to Growth Points a monthly newsletter featuring short articles of practical use and interest to church leaders.  Available as both an individual subscription and an executive subscription.

“In my opinion, Dr. McIntosh is a rare individual; combining sound research, clear writing, and a wealth of knowledge.”
— Jim Meyer, Bar Farm Christian Fellowship [2000]

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What Do Visitors See?

All churches like to think theirs is the friendliest in town. But do guests see it that way? Gary L. McIntosh invites you to take a look at your church through the eyes of a visitor. Grounded in an understanding of God as a welcomer, churches may begin by viewing those entering their doors not as mere visitors but as guests, and themselves as gracious hosts. This practical book offers sound advice on assessing and improving the ways churches attract, welcome, and connect newcomers to the church family.

“Beyond the First Visit is a guidebook for the shifts that congregations need to make to help people feel a part instead of being left apart.”
— Rev. Dr. R. Kevin Murphy , Saint Matthew Lutheran Church

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Seminars & Workshops

Your investment in the life-long learning of your church leaders will produce results.  Dr. Gary L. McIntosh offers exciting training seminars and workshops for districts, conferences, associations, denominations, or local churches!   All of Dr. McIntosh’s seminars focus the attention of leaders on opportunities …. helps discover possibilities … builds up spiritual hope and vitality … and brings qualified expertise to help churches reach their maximum health and vitality.

“Thank you for being real and approachable.  Your content and presentation was top-notch”
— Steve Rice, Kentucky Baptist Convention

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As one of the top church consulting firms in the United States, the McIntosh Church Growth Network helps churches engage the future by identifying insights that create new opportunities. The consulting process is a supportive and coordinated effort between local church leaders and Dr. Gary L. McIntosh or one of his associate consultants. Consultation is available from one day to as long as needed.  Why not call us today for more information?  You’ll be glad you did!

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your consultation with our elders.  You are a wealth of help and guidance.”
— Jerry Reub, Cornerstone Church

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Reach the Next Level

Would you like to see your church reach its next level of fruitfulness?  If so, be sure to read Taking Your Church to the Next Level and One Size Doesn’t Fit All.  In these two books, Gary L. McIntosh deftly describes the cycles of growth that keep a congregation focused on its mission. Church leaders, pastors, and all who care about the church and desire to see it experience biblical growth will benefit from the sage wisdom offered in these pages.  No matter what size of church you serve, these two books offer helpful insight and hope for the future.
“Helpful to the small or large church trying to grow.”

— Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of the One Minute Manager

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2015 Cohort Openings Available with Dr. Gary McIntosh

The author of 22 books on church growth, here’s an opportunity to meet Dr. McIntosh and build your knowledge in developing a multiethnic church. By joining the “Multiethnic Church Ministry” Doctor of Ministry track, you will receive great educational tools. You’ll get a partner in ministry with Dr. Gary McIntosh as your mentor. This is your chance to see what it means to for you and your church to grow into their full potential. May-June 2015 Cohort openings are available. For more information, go to to learn more.

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There’s Hope for Your Church

A startling 85% of churches in the US are plateaued or declining, a trend that has been building for the past fifty years. In the face of shrinking attendance and lagging spiritual growth, pastors and church leaders are understandably discouraged and demoralized. But the first step to turning things around is hope. Church health expert Gary McIntosh offers this hope by showing church leaders the first things they need to do to make a new start for their church.

There’s Hope for Your Church provides a wealth of wisdom for anyone seeking to turn around a declining or plateaued church.” —Ed Stetzer

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Thank you for being real and approachable.  Your content and presentation was top-notch.

Steve Rice, Kentucky Baptist Convention [2005]

The recent Association of Baptist Ministries With the Aging  (ABMA) was such a success.  Your expertise was invaluable in helping us understand and plan for effectively relating to Baby Boomers. Please know that ABMA is most appreciative of your taking time to be with us, and we do hope to work with you again in the future.

Nancy S. Jones, President ABMA [2007]

Dr. McIntosh came as our consultant in April of 2000.  The impact has been incredible.  Through his insight and recommendations I have grown as a pastor in ways I never thought possible.   We appreciated not only Gary’s expertise but also the spirit by which he worked with us.  He was compassionate, sensitive and personable as he interviewed our people, brought recommendations and continues to lead us though the growing process.  Each conversation has been an encouragement to me as a pastor to continue in the work to which God has called me.

Robert L. Bletcher, Faith Evangelical Church [2000]

It was wonderful to return from my time in England and Indonesia and to receive the McIntosh Report.  Thank you for its clarity, brevity, wisdom and insight.  Everybody so far has received it with enthusiasm, which is no mean feat in the Midwest!  May God richly bless you in your ministry of strengthening and supporting the Church.

C. John Steer, Autumn Ridge Church [2006]

This conference was, in fact, a “notch above” in several respects, and just this morning we here at the office were commenting on how God used your calm, non-threatening demeanor to speak truth in a way that few people can. We’ve received email responses from several conference attendees as well saying things like, “That was the best conference to date.”

Pastor Jay Mosser [2012]

I just wanted to take another opportunity to thank you for your ministry to us at the Neighborhood Church.  I have had a very positive response from several people and I know the Lord has already used you to begin our rebuilding process.  I really appreciated your time with the Board on Sunday afternoon.  I also want to thank you for the many hours you spent with me.  I appreciate your professional presentation, but more than that, I appreciate the fact that you are a friend and brother in the Lord.

Lyle R. Williams, Neighborhood Church [1989]

I just recently received and read the evaluation, which you sent of Prince of Peace.  I am writing to say thank you. I believe the diagnostic evaluation is very accurate . . . very helpful . . . and gives a good since of direction for our planning assignment.

Stephen A. Wagner, Prince of Peace [1989]

You really “outdid” yourself for us this past weekend.  Can’t really begin to thank you enough.  All comments have been positive.

Jon Johnston, Association of Nazarene Sociologists and Researchers [2007]

I am a new subscriber to your monthly newsletter and cannot even begin to express to you how enlightening and beneficial I have found it to be.  Our church initiated a strong focus on church growth this past spring, and since that time I have studied a great deal of literature on the topic.  Absolutely nothing has compared to your newsletter.  The concise manner in which you present the information is excellent.  Thank you for a wonderful tool!

Jerri Cantrell, First Baptist Church [1992]

Gary led our congregation through a very thorough process of evaluation, and he responded to the results of the evaluation by providing us with several key growth steps and recommendations presented in a very comprehensive report.  East Hills Christian Church has implemented and is in the process of implementing Gary’s recommendations, and the church has experienced exciting growth and ministry development as a result.  I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with Gary individually on several occasions, and he has been a tremendous blessing to my life and ministry.  Gary is a very wise, stable, insightful and capable Christian man. The counsel, guidance and direction Gary has offered tome over the past two years have been extremely helpful.

John W. Tastad, East Hills Christian Church [2000]

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your consultation with our elders.  You are a wealth of help and guidance.  And you do it with such grace!  As I sat there listening to you describe the challenges of growing from 400-800, I noticed the elders faces.  They were lighting up with understanding about things that I would have found difficult to say.  You did a masterful job.

Jerry Reub, Cornerstone Church [2007]

Having you here in October certainly primed our pump!  Our people came away rather enthused.  We are well in route going to two services; we are building 100 new parking spaces, and have revamped the nursery.    Thanks again for the Church Growth Network newsletter.  I enjoy receiving the letter monthly.  Thanks for ministry with us.

Jack De Wolfe, Emmanuel Baptist Church [1989]

Gary seemed so perceptive, and was so sensitive to our needs, and to the problems we were experiencing in our church.  This was especially true when we had a division, and lost our pastor after very trying circumstances.  While we were without a pastor, Gary gave us the support and encouragement to “keep on keeping on”.  Gary helped our new pastor in a very positive manner with a thorough orientation of what all had transpired before he became pastor here.   Gary definitely “went the extra mile” for us in many instances, and besides that . . . he’s a pretty nice guy to know!

Nancy Triplett, First Baptist Church [1986]

In my opinion, Dr. McIntosh is a rare individual; combining sound research, clear writing, creative presentations, and a wealth of knowledge with superb people skills.

Jim Meyer, Bar Farm Christian Fellowship [2000]

Gary McIntosh provided remarkable insights and sound counsel to our church during a time of transition. His sensitive interactions with church staff were helpful during a time of uncertainty in our church. Our lay leadership enthusiastically endorsed his recommendations.

Bob Wissmann, Grace Community Church (2010)

Dr. Gary McIntosh and I have worked together in the interest of Church Growth for a period of over five years.  During that time, I have found him to be knowledgeable about the topic, scholarly and well read in the field and an excellent communicator.  Dr. McIntosh is a warm and personable individual and maintains excellent relationships with co-workers.  He is thorough in his work.  Therefore, I am pleased to give him the highest recommendation.

Win Arn [1988]